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Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology, and the Environment, released a report today on biofuels. The report recommends that biofuels, should be used as a transition fuel from the fossil fuel economy to the green tech fuel economy. The report mentions that depending on the type of biofuel, the more energy intensive the stock is, the higher or lower the net energy benefitĀ  (NEB) it will have. Some examples include those who use more food stock, like corn would have a less NEB, then residue, which would be higher.

Other findings include that food prices that went up in 2007/08 could possibly come from the increased demand for food stock for biofuels, while at the same time, countries should use comparative trade to their advantage for those countries who can produce more efficient fuels at lower cost (i.e. Brazil’s sugar cane).

The report also concludes that governments at both the federal and provincial level need to increase research and development into other green technologies like wind, hydro and solar, and also in Manitoba promote small-scale private businesses and co-operatives and provide necessary alternative energy forms, when Manitoba Hydro fails to.

Biofuels, The Environment, and the Transition to a Green Economy

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