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Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and the Environment, looks at the Private Research and Development in Canada, and what needs improvement. A discussion of what is R&D, the history proceeds an analysis of the current state of it in Canada. Then a comparison with other countries and then some ideas how to make Canada a world leader again.


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Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and the Environment releases a paper discussing the importance of how the World Wide Web (WWW) changed the tone of the environmental movement from being all overtly activist to now, more moderate, market jobs based driven. The paper traces the history briefly of the environmental movement from the days of conservation to print, then to the activist early television days to now.

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Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and the Environment, presents Fast Read: The World Wide Web and the Moderation of the Environmental movement. This is a brief paper on how the World Wide Web help put the environmental movement into more of a mainstream light, while drastically toning the radical overtones, the movement perceived to have.

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Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and the Environment, releases a presentation about Technology, based on the readings of Roger Silverstone‘s Why Study the Media Chapter 3. ¬†Originally presented on October 5, 2010 for Rhetoric and the World Wide Web University of Winnipeg Rhetoric and Communications class.



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In the first of what will likely be a series of op-ed’s this year, Adam Johnston, the creator of Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and the Environment, discusses that all three major Manitoba political parties lack a strong green tech vision and there needs to be more to engage citizens environmental issues by giving them a stake in the green economy.

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With another two months of summer left, and another six weeks to go before university students hit the books again, it is time to give some recommended readings about environmental, technology and economic issues.


When Corporations Rule the World. David Korten.1995 (hardcover) 2001 (softcover). Berret-Koehler Publishers.

Post Corporate World: Life after Capitalism. 2000. Berret-Koehler Publishers.

Going Local: Creating Self Reliant Communities in a Global Age. Micheal Shuman. 1998.

Making Globalization Work. Joseph Stiglitz. 2007.  W.W. Norton & Company Inc.


An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore. 2006. Roldale/Melcher Media.

Our Choice. Al Gore. 2009. Rodale /Melcher Media.

The Climate War: True believers, power brokers and the fight to save the earth. Eric Pooley. 2009. Hyperion.

The Green Collar Economy. Van Jones. 2009 (paperback). Harper One.

Hot, Flat & Crowded 2.0. Thomas Friedman. 2009 (paperback). Douglas & McIntyre.

Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: 10 Clean Technologies to Save Our World. Tom Rand. 2010. Eco Ten Publishing Inc.

Globalization, Internet & Technology

The World is Flat: Release 3.0. Thomas Friedman. 2007. Douglas & McIntyre.

The Lexus and the Olive Tree.  Thomas Friedman. 2000 (paperback). Anchor Books.

Grown up Digital. Don Tapscott. 2009. McGraw Hill.

Growing Up Digital. Don Tapscott. 1997. McGraw Hill.

Born Digital. John Palfrey and Urs Gasser. 2010 (paperback). Basic Books.

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I prepared a short video, for the Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and the Environment. The video recommends that Manitoba, must revamp the current education system to be more high-tech and computer savvy, which will spill over into Manitoba being more competitive economically in the future.

The video supports a collaborate and interactive education system, which will not only keep students interested in learning, but can increase writing comprehensive, and potentially decrease drop out rates, compared to the current education system which does not have many of the interactive and collaborative mechanisms in delivering the methods of education.

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