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I present a video as part of the Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and environment project, about Green Entrepreneurship in Manitoba. Filmed in front of the Assiniboine Credit Union, which is a credit union that supports small business and environmental initiatives, the short YouTube film discusses how environmental entrepreneurship can clean our environment and create employment opportunities in Manitoba.


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Manitoba Modern Economics, Technology and the Environment presents a discussion on creating green jobs training programs in Manitoba and Canada, in front of the University of Winnipeg Richardson building of Science and the Environment, opening up in the Fall of 2010.

The video talks about the link between a highly skilled, technical workforce and a green economy. The video suggests that the Province of Manitoba encourage a broader alternative energy program which would allow for more alternative energy competition, requiring for more jobs training. Some ideas to encourage job training include tax credits for on the job training for small-scale alternative energy companies and co-operatives, as well as promote green research & development, to fuel innovation and create jobs.

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