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Reviewed March 16, 2010 by Adam Johnston

CBC’s Smart Shift, recently put up a documentary on their website, called Future Earth: Addicted to Power. The documentary talks about the earth’s crazy hunger for energy for daily living, and the consequences if habit changes don’t occur. What is great about this documentary is that they discuss what could happen in various examples per various fuels. One example in this documentary is an oil tanker being attacked by terrorist groups, causing oil prices to rise, dwindling oil supply and creating a potential massive global recession.

Other examples the documentary talks about include:

– Power outage in the Eastern Coast with the electric grid.

– Massive storm flooding a hydro-electric dam in China, flooding hundreds of thousands of people.

– Natural gas explosion in Boston harbor.

Bottom line in this documentary, is we need to diversify our energy, get ourselves away from the non-renewable resources and start working towards making alternative clean energies work like wind and solar. Very good short documentary for those who want more information about the delicate balance between economics, energy, and the environment.  **** out of 5 stars.


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